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Friends part two.

More of my friends


This is Naima and Hans Lawshe.  They are both friends that I made while in Band at UH.



David Trahan

One of my best friends, and the funniest person I know.  A cougar fan to the bone, and and the best 3d trumpet player in Cougar Brass






This is my buddy Chris Allan AKA Shasta 2003.  He's a funny guy and a great mascot.



This is the wonderful Katrina (Katrizzle) Joyner showing us all her best sides.



Chris Foster


Mark and Black Matt (Watson)

Daniel, Mark, and White Matt (Tomaselli)


Ben Proco and Justin Constable (Cow Stable)

El Duca

Don't let the gorilla arms fool you, this guy is about as nice as they come.  A true boy scout at heart


Peter and Roland


From the Bottom left clockwise

Robert, Daniel, Jessica, and Ashley



Robert, my adopted little brother in KKPsi and just about the coolest new friend I have made and Andrea.  This two people are cool beyond cool, and very positive.


This is Amy AKA Shasha.  If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing her in costume, you will realize that she is as cute as she is naturally funny and clever.

Here's Samir and Amy.  Samir is a fellow Cougar Keeper and ex band member.


This is Jessica Calandra, or Miss Calandra if you are one of her students.  She is just about the coolest girls I know.


Sweet home, Chicago

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