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My Pictures

Welcome to my picture page!  I have noticed that most people don't put pictures on their pages.  I am a little different because I love pictures. 


This is me as a baby.  Cute huh?  

Just wait till you see what I turned out to look like!

This is me at 6 months.   

My parent's tell me that I was a big Travolta fan.  

That explains why I like disco so much.


This was the first phase of my metamorphosis.

At this point I was close to reaching maximum width.


This is me in middle school.  This is the point of maximum wetback.


The above are fine examples of "atomic mushroom" hairdos (or don'ts).

(Notice the trendy shirt and ghost mustache)

This is me now!

kinda scary huh?


The "atomic hairdo" has grown into the "radioactive cascade" (or "Hispanic moss" depending on who you ask)

Below is my secret identity.

During the school year I become the mild mannered bammemer.



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